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We meet adults, teens, and children right where they are. We help each person assess what is needed in order to grow and develop in Christ. We provide the courses to do so in a welcoming and healthy family atmosphere.
The Ultimate Journey Lighthouse

The Ultimate Journey

By connecting with how your past has defined you, this 3-phase process will help you grow in your relationship with yourself, with God and with others by addressing the core questions: “Who am I?”, “What am I worth?”, and “Why am I here?”

3 Courses

People growing in community as disciples of Jesus


The biblical pattern of discipleship is “Watch Me!” “Now You!” To be a disciple of Christ we must know His words by studying His book, The Bible, as well as understand what it means to walk with God as Jesus walked. By doing so we will do what Jesus would do and say what He would say as we rely on His Spirit living in and through us!

5 Courses

People studying to understand who they are and to overcome the unhelpful patterns they have developed

Personal Growth

In order to live the life God has called us to live, we need to better understand who we are and to overcome the unhelpful and sometimes harmful and hurtful patterns we have developed on our life’s journey thus far.

6 Courses

Single people


Being single is not being a second-class citizen. We all have a significant place and calling in the family of God. Learn to embrace yourself and where you are in life.

3 Courses

Couple asks questions to learn important tools that equip them not just to survive but to thrive


With over half of marriages ending in divorce, more than ever we need to be intentional in this vital relationship. Learn important tools that will equip you and your spouse to go the distance, not just to survive but to thrive.

5 Courses

Parents equipped to care for children’s needs


Parenting is the hardest, yet most important job in the world! You will learn to identify your child’s personality type and be equipped to care for their emotional needs as well as be taught strategies for discipline that are practical and easy to implement.

4 Courses

Sad and grieving man and woman

Grief & Loss

Grieve your losses in a supportive environment that will give you permission to be where you are at and to take the time needed to work through your pain and heartache.

4 Courses

We Can Help! leadership training sign

Leadership Training

Be equipped to be a teacher and facilitator of others through experiencing your own personal growth and learning group leadership skills.

3 Courses



Check the website for upcoming seminars on a variety of topics of interest.

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Kids being gardened learning that their true identity, worth, and purpose are defined by God

Gardener Academy for Kids

The Gardener Academy for Kids is a place where children learn that their true identity, worth, and purpose are defined by God, and not by their life circumstances or other people. They learn to see themselves as a “seed” uniquely created by God who has put everything in them they will need to succeed and prosper in life. They learn to garden and ally themselves by cooperating with and submitting to The Master Gardener.

7 Courses

Launchpad for youth teens

Launchpad for Youth

Statistics show that the majority of young people growing up in church leave their faith when they leave home. These courses will help your young adult become grounded in who they are and whose they are, and to experience their faith as their own before they launch into adulthood.

7 Courses

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